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Welcome to the ITS Lab web site at Portland State University. We've released our Annual Report for 2011-12. Read the report here.


Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory's Featured Project:

Using Archived ITS Data for Analysis of Incidents on the Portland, Oregon Freeway System

Using archived traffic data from the Portland Regional Transportation Archive Listing (PORTAL) this research characterizes the frequency, duration, and pattern of incidents on the instrumented portion of the Portland freeway systems in 2005. The study found that there are trends in the occurrence of incidents that relate to traffic volumes and weather. In a more detailed analysis, the cost of incidents, in terms of delay and fuel cost were calculated for a one year period for a seven mile study corridor. The methodology used data from loop detectors, incident records, and a simple deterministic queueing model to estimate an average delay of 417 vehicle-hours per incident on the study section. The analysis also found measurable differences in delay based on incident location (in the roadway cross-section), type and duration. The research estimated the total cost of non-recurring congestion in 2005 was $187 million. Since data were not available prior to the incident response program a simple method was used to evaluate the cost effectiveness of such a program. Assuming that an incident response program can reduce incident duration by at least 1 minute, the estimated benefit to cost ratio based on delay and fuel savings reduction is nearly 5 to 1. The results of this research confirm that the Portland area incident management program COMET is a successful, cost-effective operatio

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