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Welcome to the ITS Lab web site at Portland State University. We've released our Annual Report for 2011-12. Read the report here.


Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory's Featured Project:

Fusion and Integration of Arterial Performance Data

Real-time knowledge of system performance enables transportation agencies to manage traffic conditions and keep the public informed of periods of congestion. The ability to accurately measure arterial performance has been limited primarily by the availability of appropriate and reliable data. Unlike freeway networks where speed, flow, and occupancy measures are generally sufficient to quantify the performance of the link, the link-node combination of interrupted-flow arterial facilities requires additional information to accurately describe performance. There are a wide variety of potential data sources for arterial performance measures. These sources include cycle-level traffic signal data, bus automatic vehicle location (AVL) data, and Media Access Control (MAC) address readers. Each of these data sources has different properties, advantages and limitations. No individual element seems adequate as a sole source for arterial performance measure calculations. This research will investigate the fusion of the three above-listed data sources for arterial performance measurement. In general, performance of an arterial can either be characterized from the perspective of the traveling public or the operating agency. The metrics for these two audiences are generally different and the most useful measure depends on the intended audience, the context, and the communications medium.

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